Be a part of the best company on the West Coast!


Murrieta Dance Project is known for our impeccable technique and a program that helps each dancer rise to his/her fullest potential.  Not only do we help create some of the best dancers on the circuit, we strive to help each child gain self confidence, determination and drive.  It is not just about dance.  MDP is about life and what kind of beautiful individuals we will be sending out into the world one day.  MDP is family.  MDP is unity.  Come and join the MFAM! 


Audition with the age you will be as of January 1st 2018

Please audition with all of the ages you fit in to (if it is the audition and genre that you are auditioning for)

Dancers that are late will not be considered for Company

All paperwork and fees must have already been turned in by July 19th.  The studio is open July 18th and 19th from 3:00pm-8:00pm or you can mail your forms to:

Murrieta Dance Project
41730 Reagan Way
Murrieta, CA 92562

Forms must be received in the mail by the 19th.


Pre Company

Our MDP Pre Company is for our 3-4 year olds.  These dancers will only have a 3 classes per week requirement and they are not required to attend convention.


Dancers will attend all regional and national competitions.  3-4 regional and 1 national

1 Costume will be required $75-$175.  The same costume will be used all season.

Travel Attire team wear and make-up will need to be purchased.  Make-up is minimal as we still want our babies to look like babies!

Dancers will be enrolled in 3 classes per week minimum and will follow the normal tuition scale.

There will be a small company fee added to tuition each month that will cover administrative and instructor fees.

Competition Company

This company is intended for dancers 5 years and older that want to train in and really perfect his/her craft.  This is a more intensive training program and dancers will be in a competitive environment for performance time.


Dancers will attend all regional and national competitions.  3-4 regional and 1 national

Dancers will be placed on anywhere from 2 or more teams.

Each team requires a different costume that the dancers will wear all season.  Costumes range from $150-$400 approx.

Dancers will need team travel attire and make-up.

Dancers will have a set schedule of classes to follow each week.  

All Competition Company dancers will be on the unlimited program for classes with the exception of our Hip Hop only dancers.  Our 5-6 year old dancers will be on an unlimited program at a lower tuition scale.

Graduating Seniors and high school students that are in AP classes may be given some leeway (at the discretion of the director).

There will be a Company fee added to tuition each month that will cover administrative fees and instructor fees and travel expenses.


We would like for MDP Company Families to participate on a minimum of 5 teams if available for your dancer(s).  We know that this may not work out in some cases and we are not requiring that this is the case.  Some dancers are on as many at 13 teams and as little as 2.


Please remember that teams are the most important part of the MDP Company.  If you need to cut back please cut back on Solos before cutting back on teams.  A dancer cannot have 3 solos and only be on 3 teams.  For each solo we would like for each dancer to be on 2 teams.  Solos cannot be added later if you are not on the appropriate amount of teams.  

MDance Project Convention Company

This is a Company for dancers on the Competition Company.  This Company is by invite only.  This Company requires travel outside of California.  Expenses are higher and training is even more specified.  Dancers perform and compete at Convention in addition to the normal competitions.  This Company is primarily for dancers 13 years and older but has a training program for dancers 9-12 years old.  Full details are given once you are invited on to the Company. 

All Boys Company

The goal of the All Boys team is to integrate the boys and boy siblings into the Company scene here at MDP.  We feel that having the boys will add to the great vibe that we have here at MDP.  The commitment will be minimal and the idea is that they will be able to participate in the MDP Company as well as their sports teams.  More information will be available in September.  Boys should plan on auditioning with the regular audition schedule.

Important Dates

July 19 Audition application and audition fees are due

July 25, 26, 27 Company Workshop and Auditions (see schedule and application)

July 28 by 9:00pm Emails sent out inviting dancers on the Company 

July 30 9:00am-9:30am Pre Company Parent Meeting

July 30 9:30am-11:00am Company Parent Meeting & Dancer Pancake Breakfast

August 5 Mandatory Open House Party 10:00am-12:00pm (all Company Dancers must attend)

August 14 Classes Begin 

September 11 First Costume Deposit Due