JACOBIE BLUHM is a choreographer, artist, coach, director, and professional competitor in hip-hop. His body control and musicality have impacted many of his students, also expanding the world of dance to be fun and limitless. His positivity and drive are what make him the person he is, courageous, optimistic, and always striving to be better. 

Jacobie is a traveling choreographer, and coach. He coaches for multiple schools and is the co-director of Unofficial, a training group designed to bring dancers together.  This Company brings dancers together regardless of the studio or school the dancers train at.  Unofficial is currently going onto their 4th year of training under Jacobie and Brittany Chadd.

In addition to running Unofficial, Jacobie co-directs Community Live.  CL is a series of monthly workshops looking to bring everyone together under one teacher for the night, to empower, impact, and inspire one another. 

For more information on Unofficial or Community Live contact Mr. Jacobie.