Jacobie began dancing at the age of 15 when he found his love for the art by being accidentally placed in a dance class. Since then, he has continued to train and grow under multiple choreographers and teachers. By his senior year at Chaparral High School, Jacobie lead the Varsity dance team under his captainship and also becoming a teacher’s assistant for both beginning and intermediate teams. In the meantime, Jacobie would also assist the Physical Education department, by teaching over 850 freshman during their dance unit. Jacobie has been said to, “turn people that have never danced before, into dancers.” At his high school’s end of the year dance production, Jacobie choreographed for every team in the department, totaling up to 70% of the dances in the production. 

Jacobie has also danced outside of high school, dancing for multiple street teams under the names of TLC, and is currently on Unofficial. These teams perform and battle at multiple competitions, including “Vibe”.
He is also teaching multiple workshops for his community, including a monthly workshop for all dancers, all levels and age, taking place at MDP. 

Jacobie realized that he has two passions, and they are to help people and to dance. He seeks the heart and hunger inside every dancer and continues to push them to their full performance potential.