The 2016 Spring Schedule last day of classes is
Wednesday, June 15th.  

The Summer 3 Week Class Session is intended for the Beg.-Adv. students.

Classes Run From July 5th-July 20th 

Registration is not required.

  • Dancers must purchase a dance ticket at the front desk.
  • Tickets can be used for any of the ticketed classes in July of 2016 with the exception of the summer intensives.  Tickets must be handed to the instructor before the class begins. 


1-4 Class Tickets $17 per class ticket
5 or More Tickets $15 per class ticket

1 Ticket is considered 1 Class

Classes Are Held From Monday July 5th- Tuesday July 20th    

Classes are held Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings


  • Ballet – Any color leotard, footed pink tights, pink ballet shoes, hair pulled back in a secured bun.  Pointe shoes should be brought for advanced classes.
  • Jazz/Lyrical/Contemp. – Leggings, briefs or shorts, leotard or fitted tops (t-shirts and baggy pants are not permitted), turners, jazz shoes or bare feet.
  • Tap – Fitted dance clothes (no loose clothing), tap shoes, hair secured away from face.
  • Hip Hop – Comfortable clothing, no shorts or jeans, tennis shoes or dance Sneakers. Inappropriate or revealing clothing will not be permitted.
  • Combo Classes – Any color leotard, ballet skirt or dress, tights, ballet and tap shoes, hair secured away from face.

Students are expected to arrive to class on time, in proper attire.

Students arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked not to participate in class.

For liability purposes, parents are not allowed to sit in dance rooms. Murrieta Dance Project has provided viewing windows for parents and guests to enjoy watching their children dance without distracting the students during class.


Summer classes are taught at multiple levels in the same class.  This is a time to get to know the instructors and the studio for new students.  For current students this is a time to keep up on your training.

  • 3-4 year old and 5-7 year old classes do not have levels for Summer.  
  • 7 year olds in a level 2 class should take the 8-11 Beg/Int classes.
  • Beg/Int = Level 1 and 2
  • Int/Adv = Level 3 and up
  • Ballet Beg/Int = Level 1 and 2
  • Ballet Int/Adv = Level 2INT and up


All classes are 1 hour unless otherwise indicated

* = 45 min Class
*** = 1.5 hour class


3:00 PM
Jazz5-77/5 Kerry7/12 Susan7/19 Rachel
Beg/Int Tap8-117/5 Oreo7/12 Kerry7/19 Oreo
Int/Adv Lyrical8-117/5 Rachel7/12 Jules7/19 Susan
Tap/Jazz/Ballet*3-47/5 Emily7/12 Emily7/19 Emily
4:00 PM
Tap5-77/5 Emily7/13 Kerry7/20 Oreo
Beg/Int Jazz8-117/5 Rachel7/12 Jules7/19 Susan
Ballet5-77/5 Cory7/12 Cory7/19 Rachel
Int/Adv T&T***8-117/5 Oreo7/12 Oreo7/19 Jules
5:30 PM
Turns & Tricks5-77/5 Rachel7/12 Oreo7/19 Oreo
Contemporary8-117/5 Marco7/12 Jace7/19 Jace
Beg/Int Jazz12+7/5 Kerry7/12 Jules7/19 Rachel
Int/Adv Lyrical12+7/5 Jules7/12 Susan7/19 Jules
6:30 PM
Contemporary12+7/5 Marco7/12 Jace7/19 Jace
Int/Adv Ballet***8-117/5 Cory7/12 Cory7/19 Cory
Jazz Funk8-117/5 Jules7/12 Jules7/19 Jules
8:00 PM
Jazz Funk12+7/5 Jules7/12 Jules7/19 Jules
Tap JamLevel 3 and up7/5 No Class7/12 Oreo7/19 Oreo


3:00 PM
Hip Hop5-77/6 Marco7/13 Jules7/20 Jacobie
4:00 PM
Int/Adv Jazz8-117/6 Jules7/13 Oreo7/20 Jacobie
Lyrical5-77/6 Rachel7/13 Susan7/20 Emily
Beg/Int Turns & Tricks8-117/6 Emily7/13 Jules7/20 Kerry
5:00 PM
Beg/Int Hip Hop8-117/6 Marco7/13 Taylor7/20 Jacobie
Jazz Funk5-77/6 Jules7/13 Jules7/20 Taylor
Int/Adv Ballet & Pnt12+7/6 Cory7/13 Cory7/20 No Class
Pre Hip Hop*3-47/6 Emily7/13 Susan7/20 Emily
Beg/Int Tap12+7/6 Kerry7/13 Oreo7/20 Kerry
6:00 PM
Beg/Int Lyrical8-117/6 Jules7/13 Rachel7/20 Taylor
Beg/Int Ballet12+7/6 Cory7/13 Cory7/20 Kerry
Int/Adv HH8-117/6 Marco7/13 Jacobie7/20 Marco
Int/Adv Jazz***12+7/6 Rachel7/13 Oreo7/20 TBA
7:00 PM
Beg/Int Lyrical12+7/6 Jules7/13 Rachel7/20 Taylor
Beg/Int Ballet8-117/6 Cory7/13 Cory7/20 Kerry
8:00 PM
Beg/Int Hip Hop12+7/6 Jacobie7/13 Taylor7/20 Jacobie
Int/Adv Hip Hop12+7/6 Marco7/13 Jacobie7/20 Marco