TAYLOR WARD’s passion for dance was first sparked during her years of rigorous training under a nationally ranked high kick team; well known for their athletic ability and stunning technique, winning National Champions in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

Upon graduating, she continued her training in dance, attending several years at Boogiezone University where she studied with many sought after choreographers such as Gina Starbuck, Leo Morimune, Andrew Winghart, and Jillian Meyers. Her credits don’t stop there as she was a lead dancer in Inc. the Company, a contemporary company trained and directed by well-known choreographer and teacher, Marco Cruz.

During this time Taylor remained a student athlete and was recognized on the Dean’s List multiple years in a row.  Her goals remained high as she traveled across the nation to teach and train with some of the top studios and teachers, such as Francisco Gella and Tokyo Kevin Inouye. To take her love of dance to the next level, in 2013, Taylor auditioned for a world renowned TV show: “So You Think You Can Dance”. She was highlighted as one of their favorites in Los Angeles but due to injury could not continue.  In light of this event she co-founded an elite training program, True Dance Potential, in hopes of increasing the longevity of dancers’ careers as artists and athletes. While pursuing her dreams by continually training as a professional dancer and teachers, she also works alongside Kids Artistic Revue as a Production Assistant.