August 5-7

Does your child LOVE coming to class? Do they want to share their dance experience with their friends??

Come and experience FREE DANCE WEEK August 5-7. This is an open and free week for all dancers! Dancers can take as many classes as he or she desires and can bring friends to do the same.


All Dancers:

All dancers will need to fill out an online waiver to take class unless already in our system. Visit the MDP website and click on the "Studio" tab and click "Register" or click “Register” below.

  • Fill out the online waiver and choose the class "Free Dance Week 2019"

  • You will then be enrolled in our system and can take class! If you are already in our system simply enroll in the class "Free Dance Week 2019".

  • All dancers please come to the front desk and get your free week pass to attend all classes.

    Please keep in mind this is a fun educational week and classes will be taught at different levels as the levels are not as detailed during Free Dance Week.

Free Dance Week Schedule

  • Take as many classes as you want this week!  

  • All dancers must come to the front desk and get a wristband

  • Wristbands are your tickets to get into classes.

  • See schedule below...

Monday August 5
Tuesday, August 6
Wednesday, August 7